8 common questions to find a stylist. Frequently asked question about menswear and personal styling.

Aug 21, 2023

1. How to choose a personal stylist.


Research is key when it comes to choosing a personal stylist. You can either ask for a recommendation from a friend, Google, Yelp or Instagram. Search specific key words like ‘menswear stylist’ or ‘mens personal stylist’ and make a list. Pick a few that appeal to you, look at their online presence, read the about page, profile, and blog. Choose a stylist that has the experience your looking for, good reviews and a good reputation. Don’t rely on slick marketing and glossy socials. When you are ready to move forward ask to set up a consultation to meet them or book an appointment. Invest in someone who has the experience to invest into you.



2. Is hiring a stylist worth it?



Hiring a stylist is worth it. Firstly it will save you a lot of time and browse fatigue. Most men are unable to browse beyond 45 minutes and stuck in a quick hit bad fit buying habit. A stylist will browse for hours on your behalf selecting the right clothes to fit and flatter your body shape. Secondly they have relevant trend knowledge to help you out of a rut and on top of your game.

Finally a stylist will save you money in the long term by breaking bad shopping habits showing you how to avoid expensive mistakes and quick fix fashion that don’t flatter your body shape.



3. Can a normal person get a stylist?


Yes ‘normal’ people can get a personal stylist. They are often associated with celebrities and people in the public eye, but increasingly people from all walks of life use stylists. My Google business reviews are mostly from ‘normal’ people who need a stylist. Many factors contribute to why everyday people source the expertise of a stylist. It could be a change in lifestyle, the need of some expertise looking for that perfect outfit for a specific event, a general update to get back on track, or just short on time and knowledge. Hiring an image consultant streamlines the process to a better wardrobe that fits your life space and reflects your lifestyle.



4. Are there any male stylists?


There are male stylist. Roughly 25% of personal stylist are men. Some men prefer being styled by another man. Clients choose me because they identify with my personal sense of style, value my expertise, are confident I will fully understand their needs. Some also recognise how well I dress men in the public eye.



5. What does a personal stylist do?



Personal stylists are paid image consultants and they advise clients on all aspects of their personal appearance. Working top to toe analysing body shape and proportions, putting together outfits with clothes that fit and flatter the body and best reflect a client’s lifestyle. Stylists don’t usually work on commission, have hourly or daily rates and are self-employed consultants. Some clients prefer to shop with the stylist, while I choose to prep alone.

I’m often asked how does a styling session work and how much do I cost. My styling sessions breaks down into three parts. Read on for a simple explanation of the process, how efficiently I use my client’s time and money and how it contributes to my rate.

Part1: consultation: all about client detail.


A personal 121 consultation lasts approx 2 hours. Sometimes more. During this time I work through a document to clarify a brief, set out styling expectation and agree a budget. I listen carefully, ask key questions, and answer any concerns. I bring a tailor’s tape to firm up a client’s measurements.

Part2: Pay to browse:


Ahead of a styling session I spend up to 5 hours browsing relevant stores and pulling together top to toe outfits as discussed during the consultation. These options are reserved and could be in one or a few stores depending on the brief. This streamlines process and maximises client’s results. Men will generally will do anything to avoid browsing and is a great reason to hire an experienced stylist!

Part3: 121 styling session:efficient use of time and money.


We meet at the selected store(s) and work through the options I’ve set aside. The ‘trying on’ process can take up the 4/5 hours and a lot is achieved during this time. I use this time to teach clients about clothes and styles that fit and flatter their particular body shape as well as keys to successful dressing and how to avoid costly mistakes! Some clients want a general style update, some want to refresh their wardrobe, and others have specific needs. Each client is different and requires a unique approach.

It’s worth noting that this 3 part process is not done in one day, and will take over 10+ hours.

1. Do men have Stylists?


Men from all walks of life are hiring stylist. It is more common for men to use personal stylists and for a variety of reasons. A change of job, lifestyle, weight, or a special occasion. My clients range from busy CEOs who are cash rich and time poor, to fashion enthusiasts and dads needing an update. Increasingly partners are buying my services for their significant other as a style gift that keeps on giving. Men can sometimes view a stylist like exercise.They don’t look forward to it but afterwards they are always pleased they put in the effort!

2. Online styling services

If your are an Online shopper, there are some companies that offer a subscription service where you can shop to update your style without actually heading into shops. Here are the top 10 for men (subscriptions) as featured in GQ.


3. How much does a personal styling session cost?

Like most professions a stylist rate varies and should reflect their level of expertise and experience. Some charge by the hour and other a flat fee. Rates can vary from £50 pounds an hours to £200+. There’s a lot of unseen work, from consultation, prep and personal styling. An average styling session takes around 10-12 hours depending on the brief. There’s a lot of unseen work which makes up the hours which includes brand, store and trend knowledge specific to each individual client’s brief.

My rates are on my website.

For more information on personal styling services go to www.philltarling.com


There’s no better investment than investing in yourself. 


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