Celebrity stylist Phill Tarling joined CNC students to discuss key aspects of being a stylist

Aug 15, 2023

Celebrity stylist Phill Tarling joined CNC students to discuss key aspects of being a stylist



Phill Tarling gave an informative talk on what it means to be a style advisor. He engaged the students through an interactive game of Kahoot, which made for a fun and interesting session. MA student Nisha-Paris Murria reports…

Do you know your body shape?

This was a very interesting question. While some students seemed to know their body shape, I did not. Phill made sure everyone knew how many different shapes there were and he did this by using fruits. He mentioned that there are four body shapes: a strawberry for people who are top heavy, a pear if you are bottom heavy, a banana if your hips, waist and shoulders are aligned, and an hourglass, where your bust and hips are wider than your waist. Phil discusses this as the first step in learning how to use clothing to compliment your body, and is always the first task in his client consultations.

Phill further explained how the hourglass figure is the most desirable body shape that Western women want to achieve. This is an interesting reflection as this shape has been idolised in the fashion media for decades. It is interesting to know that this has remained the most popularised in Western culture considering the influx of exposure to a large variety of body types through social media.

Black does not suit everyone!

Quite surprisingly, despite popular belief, we learnt that the colour black does not suit everyone. Phil tells us that this is due to colour analysis, and the undertones of your skin. If you have a lighter skin tone with blue undertones, you are more suited to the winter season which means black will suit you. Phill mentioned that although everyone wears black, only certain people can truly pull-off the colour.

That is good, but we’ll find something better


That is good, but we’ll find something better is,one of Phill’s key phrases when meeting a client for a style consultation. His hope is that this will allow his clients to relax and open up to him, allowing for further collaboration within the styling process.

Phill is so passionate about his job as a personal stylist  From his experience he told us he finds it easier to to dress men than women, as women often create a closer emotional connection with clothing than men do. This is an interesting and insightful point, one which has been echoed within the teaching at the college.

Key Takeaways: 


  • Black does not suit everyone
  • ‘This is good but we’ll find something better’ should be your mantra.
  •  All body shapes are different.  The key is to recognise what suits each unique body shape


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