Understanding how to dress for your body shape

Aug 28, 2023

Understanding one’s body shape is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a celebration of individuality and a key to unlocking personal style potential. For men, just as for women, body shapes play a pivotal role in how clothes fit, feel, and flatter. It’s not merely about the garment itself but how it complements the unique architecture of your body. Dive in as we explore the significance of recognising male body shapes and how to dress to enhance them.

Why Body Shapes Matter:

Beyond the superficial, understanding your body shape is integral to self-confidence. Clothing is an extension of self-expression, and when what you wear resonates with your natural form, it amplifies confidence and comfort. A suit tailored to an inverted triangle will not offer the same appeal on a rectangular body, and understanding these nuances is the game-changer in personal styling. London, a hub for global fashion, boasts an array of men’s stylists who emphasise the significance of body shape comprehension. They’ll tell you that before trends, comes the understanding of form. Knowing your body shape is the first step to curating a wardrobe that not only looks great but feels exceptional.

The Different Male Body Shapes


  Characterised by broader hips and a narrower chest and shoulders, the triangle shape is common among men. The key is to balance proportions. Opt for structured jackets that broaden the shoulders, and straight-leg trousers that don’t cling to the hips. Vertical stripes can elongate and give an illusion of a more streamlined figure.

Inverted Triangle:

  Broad chest and shoulders tapering down to slimmer hips and waist define the inverted triangle. The goal here is to accentuate this athletic build without overemphasising the top. Light-coloured trousers paired with darker shades up top can achieve a harmonious balance. V-neck shirts can also help in elongating the appearance.


  Men with the rectangular shape have an evenly distributed body width from shoulders to hips. The challenge is to add dimension and curves. Layering is your best friend! Think crew neck jumpers over shirts or adding a casual blazer over a tee. A good belt can also help in defining the waist.


  For those with a rounded midsection and slender limbs, the aim is to elongate the torso. Vertical stripes, darker shades, and well-fitted (not tight) clothing can work wonders. A single-breasted jacket or blazer can be flattering, giving a more streamlined silhouette.


Men with a rhomboid shape enjoy a well-balanced physique, defined by broader shoulders and chest tapering naturally towards the waist and hips. The key focus here isn’t so much about creating balance, as it is about showcasing what’s already balanced. Fitted shirts work brilliantly, emphasising the shoulders and chest while complementing the taper towards the waist. In the trouser department, both straight-leg and slightly tapered options harmonise well with your upper body. A blazer that cinches slightly at the waist can be the final touch, enhancing your natural symmetry. For accessories, less is more—a quality belt suffices to tie your look together.


Dressing is an art where your body is the canvas. Recognising and understanding the distinct male body shapes opens doors to a world where fashion meets individuality. With guidance, either from a seasoned men’s stylist or a dedicated London stylist, you can navigate the vast ocean of fashion, finding pieces that not only resonate with current trends but also sing harmoniously with your form. Here’s to dressing confidently, celebrating every contour and curve that makes you, uniquely you!   Phill 🙏🏼


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