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Phill is brilliant. I gave him the unhelpful guidance that I can’t describe what looks good but know it when I see it. Phill is a genius. I recommend him 100% and will definitely be back for more in the future.


Love working with Phill. Wouldn’t be without him on our artist shoots and promo. He’s great to have around and his attention to detail is second to none, makes an unbelievably huge difference. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

London Menswear Fashion Stylist

Thank you for taking time to visit my website. Below is a list of my most popular styling and wardrobe services. Im a London menswear fashion stylist, image consultant, Scroll down to the bottom to read more about me.

Personal styling session.

I’m often asked how does a styling session work? I’ve broken down the session into three parts.

Part1: consultation:

A personal 121 consultation lasting approx 2 hours. The process starts with a styling consultation either by phone or in person. During this time we work through a key questions document to clarify a brief, set out styling expectation including agreeing a budget and relevant shops. I listen carefully, answer any questions and alleviate any concerns.

Part2: Prep:

Ahead of our styling session I spend up to 5 hours alone pulling together top to toe outfits as discussed during the consultation. These options are reserved on a rail and could be in one or a few stores depending on the brief. This process is streamlined so I can maximise the time spend with a client.

Part3: 121 styling session.

We meet at the selected stores and work through the options I’ve put aside. The trying on process can take up the 4 hours and so much is achieved during this time. Most clients are able to totally refresh and revamp their wardrobe. I use this time to teach clients about clothes and styles that fit and flatter their particular body shape as well as keys to successful dressing.

It’s worth noting that this 3 part process is not usually done in one day, and takes up to 10 hours or more of my time. Full day rates are available on request, and additional hours can be booked in advance.

Wardrobe edit.

A wardrobe edit is a full top to toe wardrobe audit of all items in the wardrobe. Through strategic questions and teaching I reduce unnecessary time wasting items in the wardrobe. The result is less is more. Less confusion and more order. There are many obvious benefits to this service, and leads to identifying missing wardrobe essentials. I also offer a tailoring and alteration service. Some items are too good to throw and and a simple alteration can up cycle its use.

Event and gift luxury shopping.

For clients under huge time pressures I offer a gift buying and wrapping service. Consultation can be face to face, by phone or by email. Expectations agreed and payment is always in advance. This is a bespoke services tailored to a client’s budget, brief and needs.

About me:

I’m a leading menswear fashion stylist and image consultant. Whilst I am based in London my work has taken me all over the world. I’m an industry style expert. I have regularly contributed to The Telegraph online and Fashion Bean providing style and trend led advice for the fashion savvy shopper. I have been a senior contributing lecturor at The London College of Style, and Dubai Fashion Institute.

I’ve been a fashion stylist since 1997. My background is styling celebrities and personalities for magazine shoots, tv shows and red carpet events. However my personal styling services extends beyond the celebrity world. I regularly advise CEOs, executives and corporate guys approaching board room level. They often need to sharpen up their personal image to balance with their responsibilities and need to look powerful, confident without looking cooperate. I work with them to develop their style, give a sense of sartorial presence without loosing their personality.

What is Intelligent Styling?

I am often asked what is “Intelligent Styling”? The definition of intelligent is a knowledgable person who is quick to understand, adaptable perseptive and smart. I have over 20 years experience and insight in styling people and have an internatinal consultancy. Clients come to me because they trust in the process, and value the expert advice. Clients are at the centre of every consultation, and clothes that fit and flatter the form is integral to intelligent styling.

Phill Tarling