style guide to SS15 trends

Jan 9, 2016

I have many years of experience styling real people with real bodies. Whatever the gospel according to the glossies is, or whatever the current crush or trend -remember THIS – That you buy for your body shape before buying for fashion’s sake.

It’s seems obvious to flag up, but fashion evolves as quickly as the seasons. 3 months max in any fashion outfit before the relentless tide of change sweeps through shops like a tailored tsunami! No sooner have you got your head around the trend-led rules, the fashion Gods will have re-written them for the following Season.

Fashion has an uncanny nack of looking backwards and forwards at the same time. So, as we check out some ‘buzz’ words to help navigate Fashion-Ville, remember to apply them intelligently to your shape.

Top up your wardrobe staples with a punctuation of this seasons key trends: Investing in fashion needn’t be expensive – just intelligent!


Girls Aloud:

The white out.
Floor skimming t-shirts, whisspy delicates, cool utility and tailoring.. A great wave of white! Not so practical for public transport but the little white dress is a summer must have especially for showcasing sun kissed pins!
Tip: consider picking up delicate items in sheer fabrics, cheeky cut out detailing, mesh panels, and lace. This season’s love affair is with lace!

Hot Denim Delight!
We all have it in varying forms in our wardrobe, and it truly is everyone’s favourite fabric. Seen in all shapes and sizes and even re-contoured for a sport-luxury feel the Denim momentum continues. Ripped and patched, high waisted & wide leg, super skinny jodhpur, cropped mini- jackets, double denim, western meets military meets boho chic trimmed with luxe apeal.
The fashion powers that be have not only gone Crayola crazy, but dusting down the denim. The humble hardy fabric has its SS15 make over to morph it’s way just about every wardrobe option! Over stitched tailoring, blazers jackets and coats accompanied the traditional jean- ology. The savvy sartorialist will follow this simple denim code.
Keep it neat.
Keep it sharp.
Keep it dark.

70’s Prints:
The boho revival is the new safari, so dust down those lava lamps folks, 70’s is back! Earthy-far-flung-traveler is the inspiration mixed with western-cowgirl-ideology. And if you pick up some print this season, make it 3D, jungle leaves and botanical!
To keep it on trend, clash your florals, don a billowy sheer kaftan and get in a round of BabySham!

All about the Boys:
The pendulum swing of what’s in and what’s out is less pronounced in menswear fashion. Guys generally shop less than women but will spend more adding to a wardrobe rather than replacing. Men are creatures of comfort and habit, and are likely to return to known favourites. Guys rarely browse for prolonged periods, and often tend to plump for the easy option.

Latino Jo:
So, with all eyes on Brazil this summer, there’s no wonder designers have tapped the Latino culture for fashion references. Generous sized printed ‘bowling’shirts, Panama hats, 50’s spiced with a peppering of Cuban-heeled cowboy. Can somebody please tie my silky

Vertical or horizontal, chunky or trim, multi-coloured or monochrome, stripes are a staple for Gents this SS15. From shirts to suits, the stripe is the new check. Best worn with a nautical nod, wearing stripes is the ideal option for the conservatively fashion conscious guys who shies away from statement prints.






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