How to buy a suit

Dec 12, 2015

How to buy a suit and build a capsule wardrobe.

How to buy a suit is something everyone should know. Even if you wear them every day, or just for date nights, weddings and funerals. This key to looking sharp and well put together is to know what style suit fits and flatters you the most, and not how much money you spend.

Theres no greater investment than investing in yourself.

I’m a men’s personal stylist and image consultant and I work in London and accross the UAE. I advise gentleman from all walks of life, shapes and sizes with a variety of budgets. Most guys book in for a consultation because they need a personal styling service to elevate their sense of style but don’t know where to start or are cash rich and time poor. What sets me apart from the well meaning advice on the internet is over 20 years experience, and during a styling session I put my advice into action. I teach clients what suits them and why, and also give them easy style tips to make better fashion choices in the future.

5 simple style steps to looking sharp.

Follow my 5 simple steps to see how you can raise your style to the next level.

1.Invest in long term garments
Invest in the best you can afford and build a capsule wardrobe. Buying less but better quality garments is better for your pocket, won’t cost the earth, and you also will have several seasons wear out of them.


Build a capsule wardrobe

2. Colour combinations
Learn what colours compliment you and wear with confidence. This will make it easier when you are build your personal wardrobe where all garments work together in combination. Also, take note what colours you wear when people compliment you.

Colour combinations

3. All White                                                             

A crisp white shirt that contours the body never goes out of fashion. Always have a couple of clean white shirts pressed in your wardrobe. Replace any that have underarm stains, collar marks, or have lost their whiteness. Soaking collars and cuffs in a stain removal products and wash in low temperature will help sustain a garment longer.

White shirt by Boss

4. Spend money on shoes
It is a fact that a good pair shoes can make the difference between a good outfit and a great one. A clarat/oxblood/burgundy colour leather upper is a good option to coordinate with most suit colours and trousers.

Mens shoes

5. Be picky with your suit
Not every suit matches every body type. When you’re buying a suit off the rack don’t be afraid to get it altered. My tailor is on speed dial. Even the smallest of alterations can have a big impact.

Men in suits

Simple advice to looking good.

This isn’t rocket science, just simple advice to looking good. Do get in touch if you are thinking about updating your style, or need inspiration to edit your wardrobe. There is no greater investment than investing in yourself.


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