Inverted Triangle Shape

Mar 19, 2024

The Inverted Triangle shape boasts broad shoulders tapering to a sleek waistline, conveying strength and authority.

Why it Matters: Knowing your Inverted Triangle shape guides you towards styles that highlight your strong upper body, presenting a commanding presence in any setting.

Inverted Triangle Shape:

• Proportions: Broad shoulders tapering to a narrower waist.
• Characteristics: Commanding upper body, potential emphasis on tailored waistlines.
• Examples of International Celebrities:

1. Tom Hardy
2. Hugh Jackman
3. Chris Pratt


1. Tailored Shirts: They highlight the shoulders and taper at the waist.
2. V-Neck Sweaters: They draw attention upwards, balancing the figure.
3. Fitted Jackets: Provide structure to the upper body.
4. Dark, Solid Colors on Top: They create a slimming effect.
5. Straight-Leg or Bootcut Pants: Balance out the proportions.


1. Boxy T-Shirts: They can make the upper body appear too broad.
2. Heavy, Bulky Jackets: They may overwhelm the frame.
3. Bright, Bold Patterns on Upper Half: They draw too much attention.
4. Tight Turtlenecks: They can accentuate the broadness of the shoulders.
5. Skinny Jeans: They can further emphasize the contrast between upper and lower body.

Here are top-to-toe styling ideas for the inverted Triangle Shape:

• Top: Lighter, neutral tones provide a balanced contrast to the broad shoulders.
• Bottom: Darker colors create a slimming effect on the lower body.

Example Combination:

• Light Gray Shirt (Top)
• Navy Trousers (Bottom)


• Crew Neck Sweaters: Keep the upper body looking balanced and complement the broader shoulders.
• Fitted Jackets: Provide structure and definition to the upper body.
• Tailored Shirts: Highlight the shoulders and taper at the waist for a commanding look.


• Straight-Leg Trousers: Maintain a balanced silhouette without adding excessive width to the lower body.
• Dark Chinos: Offer a polished look while complementing the strong upper body.


• Oxford Shoes: Add a touch of sophistication and complement the overall commanding appearance.


For the Inverted Triangle shape, the focus is on maintaining the balance between the broad shoulders and narrower waist. Fitted jackets, crew neck sweaters, and tailored shirts achieve this, while straight-leg trousers and dark chinos keep the proportions in harmony.


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