Trapezoid Body Shape

Feb 5, 2024

Description: The Trapezoid shape features well-balanced proportions between the shoulders, chest, and waist.

Why it Matters: Being aware of your Trapezoid shape offers a wide range of style options, allowing for a sharp and confident appearance that showcases your balanced physique.

Trapezoid Shape:

Proportions: Shoulders, chest, and waist are well-balanced.
Characteristics: Versatility in style choices, offers a wide range of fitting options.
• Examples of International Celebrities:

1. Chris Evans
2. Henry Cavill
3. Ryan Reynolds


1. Well-Fitted Suits: They highlight the balanced proportions.
2. Tailored Shirts and Trousers: Emphasize the symmetry of the figure.
3. Crew Neck and V-Neck T-Shirts: They complement the balanced upper body.
4. Structured Outerwear: Enhances the naturally symmetrical shape.
5. Straight-Leg Jeans: They maintain the balanced silhouette.


1. Overly Tight or Baggy Clothing: It may disrupt the balanced proportions.
2. Extreme Styles or Cuts: They can detract from the natural symmetry.
3. Vertical Stripes or Patterns: They may not be necessary for this shape.
4. Excessive Layering: It can hide the natural balance of the figure.
5. Overly Ornate Belts: They can draw unnecessary attention to the waist.

Here are the most suitable color combinations to flatter the Trapezoid body shape:

• Top: A wide range of colors work well for this balanced shape. Earth tones and neutrals provide a classic look.
• Bottom: Complement the top with a harmonizing or contrasting color.

Example Combination:

• Olive Green Shirt (Top)
• Khaki Trousers (Bottom)



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