How to edit your wardrobe

Jun 11, 2021

How to edit your wardrobe?

I have shortlisted and answered the most frequently asked questions about what is a wardrobe edit, and how to edit a wardrobe. 


What is a wardrobe edit? Do you look at everything?

A wardrobe edit is a strategic process of going through each item in your wardrobe. I take a look at every item in your wardrobe, analyse its use, and separate out the good from the bad and the ugly clothes to leave behind workable items that fit your personality and flatter your body shape.

How long does a wardrobe edit take?

How long?

This is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string! It does depend on the size of your wardrobe. Everyone has a different size wardrobe, and different amount of clothes to process. To get a better idea I ask clients to send photos of their closets,  clothes, including anything in storage. A basic wardrobe edit can take from four hours upwards. It’s a time consuming effort and explains why many keep putting it off!

How will I know if I need a wardrobe edit?

Here is 4 quick ways to identify if you need a wardrobe edit.

1.Your body shape has changed enough that your clothes don’t fit or flatter your new body shape.

2. You’re job role/circumstances has changed and you are finding it difficult to match your wardrobe to the changes.

3. When you have a wardrobe full of clothes and still say ‘I have nothing to wear’ then it’s time!

4. You are stuck in a rut with your clothes, need inspiration and short on time.

These are all a cry for help from your wardrobe to re-evaluate, de-clutter and sort the clothes you wear from the ones you don’t. Any of these sound familiar to you? If they do, you may need to consider hiring some help!!

What are the benefits a wardrobe edit?

5. Benefits..

5 benefits of a wardrobe edit.

  1. The result is an easy to wear, simple to coordinate, clear to navigate, capsule wardrobe.
  2. It identifies key pieces missing from your wardrobe.
  3. It inspires confidence in your daily wardrobe choices.
  4. It identifies your personal sense of style.
  5. Huge relief once it’s done. It’s often a job that keeps being put off time and time again.

How does the wardrobe edit work?


By asking a few tactical questions the aim of a wardrobe edit is to reduce the bad and the ugly clothes in your wardrobe leaving the good stuff. Reducing your wardrobe to clothes that accentuate the real you, and reflect your personality means every outfit is a winner.  I follow the 20/80 guide. We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time which means there is a high percentage of redundant clothes taking up valuable wardrobe space. By process of elimination the ‘keep’ items are returned back to the wardrobe. I show clients how to mix and match what they have, take some photos of the combinations, and identify any key pieces missing. Re-educating how to wear this newly created capsule wardrobe in an important part of the process, while showing how to shop with more focus and less waste in the future. Any item to get rid are separate into piles, bagged up and labelled.

Would I be expected to throw clothes away?

People worry the process is primarily about getting rid of everything and start again. With me this is not the case. Theres no pressure to throw anything away. However the very nature of this process is to reduce and  re-order. Often some simple tailoring can revive an time to fit snd flatter the form. I encourage clients to recycle, up cycle and regift where possible. Also to sell expensive, vintage or niche items online. The final decision is always down to you.

Does it have to be face to face?

This process does not have to face to face, and can be done online. Which ever is most convenient for the client. I however prefer to work face to face.

Who decides what I throw away?


This process is a collaboration between client and stylist. A consultation at the start of the process sets out the expectations and it’s something I refer to during the session. Key questions help decide whether an item should go or keep.

What if I feel embarrassed about the state of my wardrobe?

Lots of people feel embarrassed for all sorts of reasons and it’s often down to over thinking. Editing a wardrobe is a healthy renewal process. Everyone should do every few years to keep on top. However, its often too overwhelming and relegated to the bottom of the ‘to-do’ list. A wardrobe edit is an opportunity to reinvent your personal sense of style and bring order and clarity to an unruly wardrobe.

Will I have to do any prep before the session?

Be Prepared clothespin business strategy and motivational concept

Yes you will have to do a little preparation, including setting aside time to get clothes out of storage and make them accessible. Have some bin bags at the ready to bag up unwanted items. Also allow some time to mentally process having to let go of sentimental items.

How will I remember what you have said?


Many clients worry about what details they will forget, so I like to send a recap. This will include what we agreed during the consultation, what I did during the process including any photos taken of suggested combinations, body shape analysis, colour guidance and best shape clothes to fit and flatter your body shape. 

What if I live in a different country?

National and international

We live in a remarkably accessible world, and living in a different country is not a hurdle, but an opportunity. Practicalities and logistics will have to be agreed. Clients pay for my return flight, accommodation as well as the agreed rate before I travel. Most clients who do this make use of both wardrobe edit and a personal styling session. A round trip is approx 5 days depending on where you live. It can be longer if more clients from the same region invest in the opportunity.

Can you help order my wardrobe?

Yes I can help you order your wardrobe. It’s all very basic stuff  and easy to maintain once valuable space has been freed up. During a wardrobe edit I will show simple hanging skills, teach how to separate clothes for seasons and highlight some storage solutions. Maintenance is easier with structure, also by splitting clothes according to seasons, and matching hangers!

Vacuums Bags:



                Compactor Vacuum Storage Tote Bag – 145L


Matching Hangers:


Compostable garment bags for storage.

How can I book a wardrobe edit?

How to book a wardrobe edit.

It’s simple to book a wardrobe edit with me. Contact me direct via WhatsApp/Email/text to book in a date. The consultation is on the day of the wardrobe edit.

How do I pay for yours services?


You can choose individual services, or combine them for a discount. Payment is made in advance when the date is confirmed.

What other services do you have?

What other services?

I have a few different services and I will list the most popular ones below.

Event Dressing. I dress people for one off events. Wether it’s red carpet, proms, weddings or to dress to impress. With over 20 years of experience dressing people for all types of events, festivals, film, tv and editorial your big day styling is safe in my experienced hands.

Persoanl Shopping and Personal Styling. I am a personal stylist and shopper for any paying client who needs top to toe styling and I tailor my services to each individual’s needs.  As an image consultant I’ve worked with individual who needs help and advice with styling. From high value individuals, CEOs to everyday people the same aim is to make  good people look great.

Luxury Shopping. Luxury shopping is a service for time sensitive clients who rely on my shopping abilities and creative eye for detail to handpick gifts for their family and friends.

Birthday package. Increasingly partners are buying my professional styling/wardrobe skills as a gift for their significant others. All conversations are discreet and usually done on WhatsApp. Additions can be added to make the experience more special.

Buyer for TV and film industry. As a buyer in the TV and film industry, I know how to work from measurements, a brief and a budget. Usually I work alongside time strapped costume designers buying clothes for principal actors and background cast.


I hope you found this useful. Please drop me a message if you need anymore assistance or would like to book a personal styling or wardrobe edit, and don’t forget to scroll through my other blogs for useful tips and insights.


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