The ultimate lingerie guide for guys

Feb 10, 2018

The ultimate lingerie guide for men.

I’m a London fashion stylist with over 20 years experience in personal shopping with men and women. With my intelligent styling know-how I’ve created the ultimate lingerie guide for men. Read on and learn some of my key facts and simple style tips. You are on your way to  being lingerie super hero. 


Mother Nature loves variety, and no 2 pairs of boobs are the same

Interesting fact: Approximately only 1 in 4 women are wearing the correct size bra!! That is a lot of badly fitting underwear

A bra is a multifunctional foundation garment. They push-up (maximise) hold down (Minimise) lift, separate, and have multiway straps. However they are also strapless, padded, gel filled and underwired. Wearing the correct size can can literally boost a woman’s confidence and work miracles on her posture.The guide below illustrates the most common bra styles and their function.

The Bra Guide infographic

Ultimate lingerie guide for guys


                                                 5 step DIY measuring guide.

This image shows how to measure your breasts.

The ultimate lingerie guide for guys


A bra size consists of 2 measurement. (1) A 360 measurement taken just above the rib cage where the bra sits, and are numerical 28, 30, 32, 34, 36. The wider the back the higher the number. (2) The cup size measurement is the breast and are referred to in letters.. e.g.. A, B, C ,D.. etc.. The bigger the boobs the   further on up the alphabet!


Ready: Get set: Go

Red for Ready:

Stop and do some intelligent research before you consider shopping for underwear.
Check the ‘lady drawers’ and make a note of the following:1.Back size number.
2.Cup size letter.
3. Common style (check with the guide above)
4. Prefered fabric and textures (lace, smooth etc)
5. Favourite brands.

Refer back to the guides above if this is uncharted waters and make notes. Photograph a few of her regular favourite undies. This will definitely help you visually. Further more, you can use your photos and notes to help you explain to a lingerie assistant what you are looking for.

Amber – Get set.

Different lingerie brands suit different shape boobs. You saw from the illustratin above that boobs come in all shapes and sizes. Research the best places to shop for the brands you have made a note of. I suggest heading to leading department store like Debenhams, John Lewis, House of Fraser, Marks and Spencer for a wide selection and price point. It’s helpful to have an idea on how much you’d like to spend. Undies don’t come cheap!! And if you are still unsure or shy seek a friend’s advice or click on the links below to buy online.


Green – you are good to go:


Don’t mumble, fumble in your pockets or request an assistant to try stuff on.
It easy to be overwhelmed by the choice, so don’t be afraid to seek out advice!! If you too shy to hit the shops, use my links below and order on line.

Do: Confidently browse and be inspired by a large selection of lingerie.
Check your the measurements against the styles and colours that interested you.
Sales assistants are a great resource and used to guys shopping especially around Valentines Day. Ask their advice based on YOUR research.

I hope you found this ultimate lingerie guide useful?  It’s simple to buy underwear when you the correct lingerie hero knowledge. Feel free to share my advice but please link back to my web site.

Finally, for more style advice follow me on my socials and receive updates from a london fashion stylist. @philltarling


Useful lingerie links:



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